Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

So, at Pigs Are Good People, I’m running the latest RC of Pivot
It includes, by default, a list of most recent referrers to the
site.  This table has, in the time I was on vacation, become
nothing but a list of spam URLs.

So, today I finally got off my butt and installed Pivot Blacklist for that site.  I’d figured, tucked away as it was, it could wait.  It couldn’t wait.

The problem is, I downloaded and installed PBL just fine but when I
went to update the blacklist, I got an error that the list could not be
updated.  I tried it on this blog’s installation of Blacklist and
got the same error – and a notice that it hadn’t updated in a month.


Katastrophes, Mr. Pink Eyes, Mr. Saturday,
anybody out there who’s running Pivot Blacklist at all, are you having
the same problem?  There’s been nothing posted on the project site
since May when he put out 0.8.9.  (Update, from before I even posted this,
because in going there to get the URL for the Pivot-Blacklist site I
saw the post:  he’s posted about it, but has no fix yet.)

I would also like to note that there are some really grody referrer
spam URLs out there.  Today I got to block words I really had
never even considered appearing on the front page of my little
in-character blog.  I mean, for fuck’s sake.  Honestly.

In the meantime, the garden has started to produce more steadily. 
It’s odd.  I pulled one of the biggest squash I’ve seen out of the
garden when we got back from vacation.  It had been just a little
yellow sliver of potential when we left and when we got back it was
huge.  The zucchini?  Still zilch.  The bell
peppers?  Not a one.  Jalapenos?  By the motherfucking
truckload.  I got a gypsy pepper bigger than any I’ve ever seen
and some Hungarian Hot-Wax peppers to beat the band.  And I have
at least three more tomatoes coming in.

Gardening is weird.

In the flower front, the (now huge-ass) Hosta that KJ
got us for a housewarming present last year is now officially ginormous
and it has four (4) flowering stalks coming up.  Pictures

I still find myself staring at this picture, occasionally.  I look at it and wonder, what was the artist thinking?  Honestly.  I can’t figure it out.  What part of that didn’t seem creepy to them? (more…)

For those following the blog of one of my D&D characters (Pigs Are Good People), there’s a new post up over there detailing the previous two sessions of that game.  Whee! (more…)