So, we spent last week in Clarksville, VA.  Bascha and Kath
were our incredibly gracious hostesses and Kath’s parents were our
unbelievably generous hosts as well.  We stayed at a fabulous
lakehouse and relaxed and such.  I went into town two days that
week, once with Bascha, Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes, and once with The Boyf
On the 1st trip I just had my phone camera.  On the second trip, I
took my real camera.  Pictures are arranged thusly:

The whole lot of them.
Just the ultra-yummy Mariposa Cafe & Bookstore.
Just the Clarksville Antiques store.
Just the store which contained a whole section we termed “Jesusland.”

It is my hope that the pictures in that last album speak for themselves.  At one point I turned to Mr. Pink Eyes and said, “This is where taste goes to die.”  It’s true.  It’s all true.

Later I’ll upload the phonecam pics.  I have more.  Many, many more.

A SHORT WHILE LATER:  I’ve added the pictures taken with my phone.  They’re the smaller, blurry ones, in case it’s not obvious.

A SHORTER (?) WHILE LATER:  I keep going back to this picture and staring at it.  Same with this one, this one and this one
I think the eyes do something to me.  Shit, where’d the last two
hours go?  And why are all of my enemies dead, killed with tiny
knives precisely at figurine-height? (more…)