Thursday, August 4th, 2005

Things done:

–RSVP for wine-tasting
–RSVP in general
–laundry (mostly)
–“going up” and “coming back” playlists (mostly)
–talk of dinner plans.

Things not done:

–buying a new cooler
–buying another bottle of the nifty sunscreen The Boyf picked up
–packing up camera and extra battery
–charging the Gameboy DS
–picking up a carrying case for the DS
–selecting books to take
–finding and collating and packing the comics to take
–packing the rice cooker, if needed
–packing the bread machine, if needed
–buying wine
–buying soda
–buying snacks
–talking to Mr. Saturday about cat-sitting
–charging laptop battery and running it back down one more time
–running software updates on laptop before going to an Interwebulons-free zone
–reminding myself that the laptop is only to be used for fun activities
–finding my copy of Fallout 2
–installing Fallout 2 on laptop
–selecting and packing D&D books to take
–selecting and packing Vampire books to take
–reconstructing gaming bag to take
–the remaining laundry
–actually packing clothes
–burning of “going up” and “coming back” playlists
–tax-free clothes-shopping early Friday.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. (more…)

I found this linked from a blog on today:  an explanation of the varieties of Diet Coke
I found this strangely fascinating – particularly for the fact that
Diet Coke is a pre-New Coke, artificially sweetened version of the
“New” Coke recipe.  Katastrophes & Mr. Pink Eyes, this one’s for you.

This morning I started working on my “going up” and “coming back” mixes
for the Lake ’05 trip.  I like what I’m seeing.  Mr. Pink Eyes
seems to have a more coherent theme than I do, as he shared that much
of his going-there mix is EBM/Industrial whereas mine have everything
from Kasabian to remixes of Cosmicity to Ella Fitzgerald, but hey.  I’ll post the mix-lists later tonight, hopefully. (more…)