So, this morning I went ahead and downloaded the Billy Nayer Show ringtones from The American Astronaut (IMDB listing provided for the unwashed).  They are awesome.  Now, I have the following conditions set up on my phone:

  • When my father calls, my phone asks, “WHAT DID YOUR FATHER TEACH YOU?”  Naturally, he taught me to kill the sunflower.
  • When The Boyf calls, my phone plays, “Hey boy, hey boy… I got a message for you/about a thing called love and the stars above/etc.”
  • When Pants Wilder, Mr. Saturday, Katastrophes or Mr. Pink Eyes
    calls, it will play Ceres Walk, the song that played when the main
    character hops across the surface of Ceres from his ship to the bar.

In case this isn’t patently obvious, I am having kind of a slow day at work.  This is a good thing.

What interests me most about all of this, though, is that I found you
can download from Xingtone a little piece of software that lets you
turn any mp3 into a ringtone suitable for use with your phone.

Yes.  Any mp3.

And they have a demo version of the software, so no commitment.

So, here’s the deal:  if you’re a friend who calls me, tell me
what song you want to be your ringtone.  If I don’t have that
song, I will ask you to provide me a copy of the mp3 so that I might
twist it to my own wicked ends.  I reserve the right to disagree
with your choice of ringtone, so there’s that, but hey.  This
seems like an awesome, awesome new toy.  Also, this is the part of me that is still fourteen.


I also reserve the right to scrap this entire idea a week from now when
I get really, really tired of rushing to answer my phone because I have
it obnoxiously packed with ringtones.  That’s the part of me
that’s thirty. (more…)