Thursday, July 14th, 2005

The Billy Nayer Show has ringtones.

What did your father teach you? (more…)

I.  If you are going to be an instructor for a training class for
a major new offer for a major new client, it is best not to gibber,
work backwards from the end to the beginning of the training materials,
dive into the various arcana of the offer without explaining anything
in terms of the physical or logical layout of any of the networks
involved or otherwise present your session in the form of what The Boyf
likes to call “word salad.”

OK, so I knew that already.  What I learned today is that at least one co-worker does not.

II.  Being a car salesman would totally suck, even worse than I
already imagined.  (A new co-worker came to us from having sold
used cars for 2 months and provided this new knowledge.)

III.  I am not sufficiently well-socialized to deal with a lot of
people in the world, and I am bad at hiding this fact. 
Fortunately, the tech industry has lots of room in it for poorly
socialized geeks for whom it’s sometimes simply easier to play off
shyness as being an asshole.

IV.  Much as I am legally required to watch anything involving
vampires, one of my co-workers is legally required to watch any movie
which is an adaptation of a comic book.  Also, he says Fantastic Four
sucks just as much as you think it does.  I didn’t learn that,
though, since I already knew it from having seen a variety of trailers
for said “film,” so it doesn’t count.  Just the legal requirement
that he see adaptations of comics counts.

V.  Sometimes, my employers buy new tools that promise us the sky and all the stars in it and they work. (more…)