So, another weekend of grillin’ & gamin’.  Bascha & Kath were kind enough to host us all for a debut of Bascha’s extremely awesome new grill.  Mr. Pink Eyes and Andy of Compound X were our grillmasters.  I whipped up some (accidentally extra-spicy) guacamole and The Boyf
and I brought some fancy cheeses – applewood smoked cheddar and
blueberry stilton – obtained at the Southern Season sale.  As the
dudes cooked up our veggies and our meats to delicious perfection – exactly the shade of pink in the middle I had desired, gods but they were good burgers – we sat and talked and drank fantastic wine brought by Pants Wilder.  Namely, we had Rock Rabbit Syrah
(Note:  the site just wouldn’t work for me in Firefox, but in IE
it was manageable.)  He said the shelf tag in the store said,
simply, “It’s like liquid crack.”  Truer words were never
spoken.  After, hours of D&D passed with delight.  It was
a fucking awesome day.

Sunday was The Day I Went Back to Cingular.  I have to give them credit here – my car charger wasn’t working and The Boyf‘s
phone was dead, and I was ready to summon up a bitchstorm the likes of
which even I can rarely produce.  Wisely, I went in being polite
to start with, and discovered that the people at the Cingular stores in
Durham and Chapel Hill are (a) extremely nice and (b) unbelievably
helpful.  They fixed my car charger issue right away and then were
able to identify the problem with The Boyf’s phone and, when he went in
the next day, get him a new phone immediately.  They were pretty

In other news, I have now picked the first tomato from the garden!  ROCK
It’s small, but it had ripened and so I got it off the vine.  I’ve
also gotten the first Hungarian Hot Wax pepper and the cayennes just
sit there making and making and making.  Res Publica
commented that his pepper plants have produced bloom after bloom but no
actual peppers.  In the realm of bells and jalapen~os, I’m afraid
I’m a victim of the same fate.  Hell, even the pumpkin, squash and
zucchini vines are just sitting there blooming away but not a bit of
fruit in sight.  I am desperate for them to make, because I want
nothing so much as to fry up a little home-grown zucchini and
squash.  But hey.

In the round-up of the news, all I’m going to point out is’s delicious headline regarding Rove:  White House Denials on Rove Fall Silent
I’m afraid to discuss or even think about this story too much because I
don’t want to jinx it.  I have a perfect vision of the future and
I’m afraid I might spoil it if I actually think about it too
much.  Let’s just say the Ewoks, stupid as they are, do in fact dance at the end.

In fact, the thing that most fascinates me in today’s news is this story about Native American legends regarding Thunderbird and Whale
and the possibility they’re mythologically encoded records of past
catastrophic tsunami events on the West Coast.  I don’t know why
no one thought of this before, because it makes perfect sense.  In
the legend, especially as told by Pacific Northwest tribes, Thunderbird
snatches Whale from the ocean and tries to carry Whale to her
nest.  When she gets Whale there, they have an epic battle and the
earth trembles and the waters of the ocean recede and then rise to
crash back down on land.  Well, OK, I guess other people have thought of this before
So now I wonder what it is, in particular, that makes this news? 
Is this researcher’s work an extension of the understood
timeline?  I don’t know enough about any of the sciences involved
to really get it, but it’s mighty keen to behold the clever and
effective ways so many societies have had of preserving their history.

The coolest news of all, though?  Katastrophes wants to host a
weekly two-episode Twin Peaks night.  I have it all – and I mean all – on DVD, including DVD copies of an acquaintance’s laserdisc (!) version of Season Two.  There will be Twin Peaks watched.  Oh yes, there will. (more…)