Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

So, I know it’s been mighty quiet around here.  That’s largely
because my blogging time has been taken up with prepping and writing
and posting the background to a character I used to play in a
long-running D&D game that’s about to be resurrected.  The
sheer pain of trying to convert Whitten from a 2nd Edition AD&D
Bard (11th level) to a D&D 3.5E Sorcerer (12th level) has been a
little time-consuming.  Then, of course, there’s his blog to
create:  Pigs Are Good People
It’s where I’ve posted his background for the time spanning from the
end of the original game to the start of the new one. 

If you’re not a gamer, you probably won’t find it very
interesting.  But hey, there it is, evidence that I still live and
breathe if nothing else.

It’s also been an excuse to play with the RC3 release of Pivot 1.30.  I’ve discovered that I can edit CSS files.  But that’s all I can do:  edit them. 
I just find the parts that look likely and poke them until they scuttle
in the direction I desire.  Were I asked to come up with something
original, I’m afraid I would just have to cry until whoever wanted it
gave up and moved on.  I say frequently, and now say again, that
the last time I did any serious web-work the hot new thing was frames
That should give you an indication of the terrifying monolith I see
when I look in the direction of genuine web development these
days.  Ah well.

Bruce had a big weekend filled with outside time.  The Boyf
and I replaced the air filters in the ventilation system of our home,
we and Pants Wilder watched a crapload of animated varieties of Batman
we’d TiVo’ed of late, and Monday I tried a burger made with bison
meat.  Interesting, but not necessarily a radical departure from
regular ol’ beef.

This weekend we go to Bascha‘s to grill and game.  Woot!

Mr. Saturday is house-shopping, and turned up in our neighborhood last
night while driving around to see various places.  He asked me for
recommended neighborhoods in Durham and I told him right up front that
I am biased and will try to steer him nearer our place rather than
further away.  We sat at dinner and read real estate booklets and
talked about the danger of the ad that mentions “AS-IS” or “LOTS OF
POTENTIAL,” that sort of thing.  There is an adorable house
for sale around the corner from us, but I am loathe to recommend it to
anyone as it is next door to The Guy Who Should Never Go Shirtless But
Always, Always Does.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but it’s
not the kind of thing you want to see out your kitchen window during
breakfast.  Yech.

In gardening news, two of the hosta plants have bloomed, one has been
almost entirely eaten by insects or something and the others are all
flourishing in their own little ways.  The tomato plants are HUGE
and have a few green tomatoes on them.  The pepper plants have
kept growing bigger and bigger as well (though not fruitful – just
huge, and all without my usual enthusiasm for Miracle-Gro) and the squash and zucchini need to hurry up and make or I am going to eat the plants themselves because they look so good.

Finally, last night my eBay seller adventures continued.  I’ve now finally gotten everything I
could possibly need for both laptops, and have upgraded my main one as
far as it can go.  While listing its old RAM I went ahead and
listed my old cellphone, still locked to AT&T Wireless/Suncom, with
a “buy it now” price smack in the middle of the average selling
price.  Ten minutes later, someone bought it.  I literally
hadn’t made it as far as going to the listings for its model to check
out how the listing looked.

I love eBay. (more…)

The life & times of a gaming character.  Yes, I am that much of a nerd. (more…)