Monday, June 20th, 2005

I called my dad last night for Father’s Day and it turns out he was at work.

My father has retired.  Four times.  He just can’t
give up.  Every now and then he goes back to see the folks at his
old job, just to say hi, and they invariably ask him if he’d be
interested in covering a shift or two in the near future, and he says
yes, and this time he said yes to Father’s Day.

We had a great conversation – I asked him for advice about a
troublesome colleague and explained some of what I’d done so far to try
to deal with the situation.  My dad’s comment:  I hope I’m never on the wrong side of you in something

If you’re from the mountains, you grasp already that this is possibly our highest and most extravagant compliment.

As we’re talking about this co-worker – who likes to be jovial and
amicable in all ways, and loves to be the center of social attention,
but does zero tangible work – my dad says, “Just like Bush,
that…”  Now, my father (if you’ll recall from a post in
November) does not discuss politics.  He considers one’s views to
be deeply personal.  If asked, he will provide his, but he hates
the idea of one person telling another what to think.  He paused
for a moment and said, “I apologize if I’m insulting anyone you hold in
high regard,” and I simply died laughing.  In case you hadn’t guessed, my parents are not yet on the intertrons.

“Um, I think he’s an idiot,” I say. 

“Good,” says my dad.  “Because he is.”

We talked a little about Bush and about the Republican Party (I was
shocked last year – pleasantly – to learn that my father is a
registered Democrat) and about the soullessness of the oil-grabbing
charade that serves as Bush’s foreign policy.  We agreed that it
should come as no surprise that an oil man would make things up in
order to invade the Middle East.

A few weeks ago I signed up as a member of a fellow Durhamite’s blog-group.  She and some of her peers wanted to put together a continually-growing list of people who just wouldn’t shut up about the Downing Street Memo
I’ve barely done a thing – I think I mentioned it in a two-sentence
throw-away post – because mainly I figured if nothing else I’d be one
more person they could say had signed up.  I figured if my one
little line break in their list could help push them past some
milestone it would be something, and I knew I just didn’t have the
policy chops to have anything substantive to say on a regular
basis.  (This is about as close as it gets, sadly.)  The
problem with the Downing Street Memo non-story, or at least the way it
seemed a week or two ago, was that no one was reporting on it because
the idea that Bush had lied to get us into war was considered such old
news.  We all knew, didn’t we, that he was lying?  But
doesn’t the fact we all knew, already, deep down, make the
documentation of it all the worse? 

The 101st Flying Keyboardists
of the New Right, or whatever, can sit around saying HE FORGOT POLAND^H^H^HSPREADING FREEDOM!!1!*
all they want, but dudes, seriously.  If it’s about spreading
freedom, we’re gonna be some busy motherfuckers.  You’d better
start seeing if they make jumpsuit patterns in tot sizes and praying
for a sale on camo fabric at Wal-Mart, because your kids are going to
be some drafted motherfuckers and if the current example of how to
administer a war is any indication it’s going to be a bring-your-own-fucking-everything
affair.  We are going to never see the end of war if “spreading
fucking freedom” is a now-acceptable justification for invading people
who don’t present a threat to us but who do really get under
the skin of a schizophrenic rich-kid/yahoo from Texas.  That there
are people in the world who see absolutely no lack of dignity in
sitting there going, “Hey, man, we’re spreading freedom, here,”
as a justification for war – a justification supplied with all the
depth and repetition allowed in the brief span before the next PvP
session of America’s Army gets cranked up – is simply a commentary on how unbelievably far we have sunk as a species.

This is why I get almost all my news through the Daily Show, to be
honest.  Real news isn’t funny.  Real news just makes me mad.

* The ^H^H^H thing is an old Unix joke.  Just forget about it. (more…)

Forgot to add the other picture of some of the hostas:


As well as another of Bruce as he navigates the greenery:


And, of course, the first of the tomatoes!


Also, the base of the ashtray on the front porch.  I find it extremely nifty:

[[image:horse.jpg::center:0]] (more…)

The Boyf and I are switching cellular carriers, what
with the demise of our current provider and all, and so today I went
and got our service set up (note to friends – our numbers stayed the
same) and get new phones and all that jazz.  Brought ’em home and
then, immediately, had to play with the camera.

Bruce, amongst the tall grasses:


The hosta KJ gave us a year ago – at the time, a tiny little plant in a small, purple pot – is now nearly three feet wide:


Meanwhile, the hostas I bought for $2/per on KJ’s mom’s advice are
doing well!  Two of them are sprouting blossoms already, most
impressively this one:


And who can forget the garden?  I’ve got pumpkin vine (first
picture) and a squash vine (second picture) that’s monstrous.  The
zucchini is bigger, but no blossoms yet.



Woot! (more…)