(A brief aside, before the post:  An enormously fat co-worker just
jumped from his desk (he was standing on it) to the floor, and I was
certain that the floor was going to give way and we were all going to
die in our descent through the building.  I say that not because
he’s a big guy and that’s what I expected but because when he hit the
carpet the entire floor shook under my feet.  Pens clattered into
the air and back down again.  A toy car on my monitor skittered
and slid a few inches.  It was like a short, terrifying
aftershock.  It was not just a WHOOMP or a WHAM, it was a physical
sensation of waves of force rippling through everything for much
further than you might think possible.  I do not exaggerate when I
say it was an event with a duration.)

So Mr. Saturday has been playing KOTOR II.  And he’s way
ahead of me in the game.  So he’s been giving me tips, and every
now and then I’ve been able to say things like, “Oh yes, in D&D
that’s called ‘flanking,’ and it works a little differently but it’s
basically the same,” thus demonstrating two things:

First Demonstrated Thing:  The 3/3.5 rules for D&D are so easy to learn that even I
have managed to soak them in through my very pores, to some degree, and
can now remember what things like ‘flanking’ are and when they’re in

Second Demonstrated Thing:  Mr. Saturday is learning the d20
system without even trying.  The gaming virus spreads, my
friends.  It spreads not through skin contact (well, not always)
but through skin-to-controller-and-or-book-to-skin contact.  Books
and games are the dread virus’ vector, and after being surrounded by
carriers so long, Mr. Saturday has finally succumbed.  I know
we’ll never get him to play D&D, but it’s nice to see that our
infection still carries.

In similarly related news, The Darth Side
seems to have put up its last entry, having run through the storyline
of the original trilogy from Vader’s standpoint.  It’s a damned
good read, and it won’t go on forever, and if you imagine it read in
Darth’s signature rasp then you’re going to giggle yourself to death
when you’re not awash in the tragedy of it all.  Seriously. 
Just read the goddamn thing.

Completely unrelated to Star Wars, there’s the garden.  Four of
the six blackberry vines seem to have flourished.  Two, I think,
died right away, but we’ll see.  If so, that means maybe I should
do more checking of the soil there, because that’s two
different generations of plants dying in the same places.  But, on
the upside, that’s four plants having made it and doing great. 
The ones by the gate to the back yard are going crazy.  Yes, I will take pictures this weekend.  Also, the hostas have done fantastically in their new locations.  The Boyf is so fucking awesome – he figured out the
best place in the yard for them and they’ve loved it there and we can
see them from both the back porch and the window in the master bath, so
there’s hosta action all over.

The tiny, tiny hydrangea I bought for its red blooms has bloomed – sort of.  The flowers are very strange.  I’ll take pictures tomorrow or Sunday.

I have to stake/whatever the tomatoes tomorrow, because one of the
plants is simply not going to be able to stand up on its own for
another week, and they haven’t even flowered yet.  And one of the
zucchini hills produced, as did one of the yellow squash mounds, and
the plants are taking off.  Tomorrow I reseed the other two mounds
just for the hell of it.

The okra is doing terribly.  This makes me sad.  I need to read up more on okra.

Onions and spinaches and lettuces, though, are going haywire
And the peppers are all a dark, healthy green in the leaves and some
are budding.  I eagerly anticipate their production.

The pumpkin vine I planted on a complete lark is doing
fantastically.  We will grow our own jack-o-lanterns if all goes

And, to top it all off, the bulbs I planted in that same little bed, where nothing has ever done well (ever,
he said – it’s been one year and seventeen days since we closed on the
house), sprouted out of nowhere.  They’re huge.  I think
they’re going to be gorgeous.  That bed is also where my best two
blackberry bushes and my pumpkin vine are, so that bed is now magic.

The Boyf and I have been discussing various things to do to shore up
the right-hand-side of the old farm road through the back yard. 
The Boyf’s inspired plan is to do some terracing – nothing too steep,
just gradual, soft on the eyes, easy-going terracing – and planting
some ground cover and the like.  I suggested we do it in the dead
of winter when gardening things are cheap and the whole deal can settle
by the spring, and we agreed that this is the way to go.  By next
spring, gods willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will have made major
landscaping improvements to our property in a way that is fun and
pleasing to the eye and we will have a METRIC FUCKING SHITLOAD
of places to plant and garden and whatever.  The Boyf pointed to a
far corner of the back yard and made my heart sing when he said, “You
know, just a thought, but that would be a nice place for a
fountain.”  I don’t want to live in a Greek temple, but in the
absence of an actual creek I’d love a little running water
somewhere.  You have no idea how the future unfurls in pleasing
shades of maroon and deep blue and soft grey when I think of these
things.  The future excites me.  I have no idea why it comes
in those colors, other than that they (and black) are my favorites.

Life is good.  Life is too good to spend it wringing my hands all
day about things like filibusters.  I think I’m going to spend the
weekend steadfastly avoiding the news and just chilling.  Hell,
I’ve got two D&D games to play, two new D&D books to read,  I Was A Teenage Billionaire Psychopath to read and I’ve been working my way through Codex
for a couple of weeks on my lunch breaks.  Oh, and I need to
invent letterhead for my fraternity’s alumni association until such
time as the real letterhead comes in.  It’s going to be a very
pleasantly busy weekend. (more…)