Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

So, Mayor Jim West – you know, the rabidly anti-gay Republican who just got outed,
is accused of child molestation and may have offered city (ahem)
positions in return for sex? – is apparently clutching his pearls and
crying out about how he’s the victim here and now everyone else in town
may have a harder time coming to terms with their true selves. 
Grab the Kleenex(TM), girlfriend, and let’s have a big ol’ pity party with the good mayor:

SPOKANE, Wash. – Mayor James West, the subject of an FBI probe into
accusations he offered municipal jobs to men he met in gay online chat
rooms, is complaining he is the victim of a “brutal outing.”

In an e-mail sent to nearly 140 people
affiliated with a race relations task force, West wrote that the group
is responsible for making Spokane a community where “harassment,
intimidation, discrimination” are unacceptable.

that include people who have an internal struggle with who they are
sexually and are searching for a way to come out … ?” wrote West, who
is co-chairman of the task force. “Do others who desire to be out but
are having similar struggles now live in greater fear because of a
brutal outing?”

Oh, woe are we!  We did not see the folly of our ways!  Isn’t
it obvious now that pointing out hypocrisy wherever it’s found and
speaking the truth no matter how harsh it might be just hurts
people?  Wouldn’t it have been better to leave him safe and sound
in his closet where he could reach out to molest the young with one
hand and with the other deliver a big, back-handed slap to the
grown-ups just trying to live their lives as gay people?  Wouldn’t
it be better to let hypocrisy reign so that Mayor West could get his
jollies?  Funny, I thought he was the mayor of Spokane, not Stepford.

I hate to break it to Mayor West, but that sort of “the devil you know”
bullshit is, uh, bullshit.  I’m gonna call him on it right here,
right now (in a tiny corner of the interwebs where no one will care,
but for fuck’s sake, I’ve got to let it out):  Mayor West, that is
BULLSHIT.  Let’s hear it again:  what is it?  B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T
You were sitting there in your office spanking the Right Honorable
Monkey and telling guys you’d hire them if they’d swim naked in your
swimming pool and in your off hours you were railing against the
scourge of teh hott gay sex00rz (translated into B1ffspeak for the mayor’s online-enabled benefit).  You, Mayor James E. West of Spokane, Washington, were making personally certain “others who desire to be out but
are having similar struggles now live in greater fear,” you stupid old troll.  Jesus in the sky with motherfuckin’ diamonds, is that how incredibly stupid you think the rest of the world is?  Do you honestly think anyone who feels strongly about queer issues in America, on either side, is going to buy that line?

Take a wild guess who are the victims, Mayor West – your first clue is that none of them are a mayor with his nose buried in the back of the closet.

I once said (after a couple of drinks) to Mr. Pink Eyes
that the problem with liberals is that we are addicted to giving people
the benefit of the doubt.  Many of our core tenets are based on
the idea that, given a chance, everyone wants to grow, to better
themselves, to do right by those they’ve wronged, to succeed where they
have previously failed.  Well, not this time.  Mayor James E.
West of Spokane, Washington, can bite my gay ass.  Right
here.  I’m pointing at my right cheek, slightly outside from
center, roughly to the right of my wallet.  You heard me.  I
am pressing my index finger to my own ass cheek to indicate, yes, right
here, bite that part.  Jesus.  I am nearly
frothing.  I am so tweaked by this.  You want shrill? 
You’ve come to the right place.

Thank the gods, every last one of them – and truly, their existence is
assured by the nonstop delivery unto us of these right-wing,
self-loathing, closet-case, homophobic fag-bashers who get outed for
being exactly what they claim they want to stamp out (by all
appearances for the sole sake of eliminating the competition) – that
the rest of the Spokane city government isn’t this stupid:

Mike Kress, vice chairman of the Spokane Human
Rights Commission, suggested that West’s plea for understanding rang
hollow because of West’s many votes against gay rights as a politician.

hypocrisy, cynicism and lies upon which Mr. West built his political
career harmed homosexuals in our state, and his sexual orientation is
thus a legitimate topic for discussion,” Kress wrote in an opinion
piece in Wednesday’s Spokesman-Review.

Amen – I say – amen. (more…)

Two new pics of Bruce, taken about 5 minutes ago.  Recently I
cleared out some space on the shelf of my computer desk, and tonight
Bruce discovered he fit quite nicely there:


I think he’s trying to tell me it’s time to go to sleep.  Because it is. (more…)

So, on Monday I was out running errands, including a stop at
Eckerds.  As I get out of my Jeep I hear a woman in the parking
lot say, “Are you okay?”  There’s also some frantic honking. 
Being it’s 2pm on a Monday, the place is not exactly jumping, and for a
moment the fear that my muffler just exploded or something fills me
with dread.  But, I turn around and find that the querant in this
circumstance is talking to a lady in a white Taurus, parked behind me,
and she’s got good reason for concern.  The lady in the Taurus has
jumped the curb, tried to drive down a short embankment and cross the
sidewalk, and failed:

I can’t hear what the woman in the Taurus says in reply, but the lady
addressing her says, after a few moments, Girl, if you do that you’re
gonna mess up your car
.  Too true, as the lady in the
Taurus apparently thinks she can just drag her car the rest of the way
over the curb.  Not a wise decision, and fortunately she’s kept
from doing so.

The weirdest things happen when I go out and run errands. (more…)