Monday, April 11th, 2005

On a completely random note, do you by any chance know what this vine is?  We have tons
of it.  If so, email me from the mailto: link at the bottom of the
entry.  If you grab one end and pull you can keep pulling and
pulling and pulling.  The vine will break before you reach the
end.  It’s everywhere. (more…)

OK, so moving to a Macintosh also made Gallery just incredibly more useful, as Gallery Remote (a) actually works under OS X, in total opposition to my experience of it under Windows, and (b) Image Magick will install on OS X thus making Gallery Remote even better.

This weekend was spent dealing with tires and flowers and watching friends skate.  I’ve got up new additions to the Bruce Gallery, pictures of the blooming Queen of Night tulips (and the hosta, the hydrangea, tiny maple seedlings, etc.) along with shots of the hyacinth blossoms in the garden gallery and a section in Snaps from tonight’s Carolina Rollergirls match.

Woot! (more…)