Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Today I learned that I could check what search terms had led someone to
this page.  Most were perfectly understandable, and of course
there were the collection of porn searches that somehow led them
here.  My favorite, though?

“obsessive compulsive disorder with passive aggressive overtones”

Hell, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m your one-stop shop. 
I’m the mega-mall.  I’m the SuperTarget of such.  Awesome. (more…)

Oh yes.  It’s that time of year.  Woot!  Last year my
gardening efforts were haphazard and, ultimately, a failure.  This
was in part due to timing – I couldn’t garden until we’d moved in and
gotten at least somewhat settled, which meant starting two months late,
from seed, setting the plants’ developmental timetable directly at odds
with when the big, heavy rains would come during the summer – and due
in part to poor planning, as the spot where I put an initial bed last
year was the perfect spot except for all the dirt getting washed away
when it rained.

This year, though, I’m already planning.  The seeds shipped this
morning, along with the starter trays and my mini-greenhouse – a little
electric dealie for starting plants.  I’ve just read Lasagna Gardening after hearing of KJ‘s success with it, and OH MY GODS this is going to be a breeze and it is going to RAWK

Here’s the list of seeds on their way to me even as we speak:

yellow squash
zucchini squash
hot Carribean Red pepper
red onions
yellow onions
bell pepper (red, orange, yellow, purple – a mix of sweet peppers)
lettuce (a blend of non-iceberg salad lettuces)
onion (both red and sweet yellow)

Now I need to start picking up peat moss and bags of compost and see
what’s around in terms of things I can get to throw into the garden
layers other than leaves.  I need some wire to run around the beds
while they settle and to keep the cat out of them (ha! like that’s gonna work) and I need to go ahead and think about getting some beds marked off and paths laid between them. 

Soon I’ll also get the garlic bulbs to plant and the blackberry bushes and the black raspberry plant.  Aw yeah.

Who knows, it may all fail spectacularly this year, too.  But I do so love to try. (more…)