So, I’ve been re-reading the Disinformation collection Book of
Lies.  The parts I read today over a Subway sandwich, prior to
work, were the essays on the lives of Brion Gyson and William S. Burroughs
and their experiments with flicker-induced trance states and some
serious technopagan experimentation – cut-ups of sound and text and
imagery and performance designed to be both art and modern
sorcery.  These dudes were into some weird shit, but it is
fascinating.  There’s a part of me that’s really intensely curious
and another part of me that recognizes the highway sign over that
spiritual exit as reading FREAKY WEIRDODOM with a big, chaotically
curved mandala-like arrow that points eight different ways at

That said, I’m finding their art and their philosophy fascinating at
the moment.  I think the person who decided their attitudes or
philosophies were entirely desirable and sought to model themselves
after these two, and the school of art and thought they inspired, would
(a) be making what’s possibly a very big mistake – at the very least,
not everyone is meant for their path – and (b) probably be missing the
whole point, but I think of Ernesto from my NaNo last month and I
realize, Oh, that’s what Ernesto believes. (more…)