Monday, December 27th, 2004

Oh holy crap,
the stars are weakly gleaming.
It is the night of a feared, alien birth.

Long lay the gods, inert but never dying
Soon they’ll appear not in dreams but here on Earth.
The shrill-sung note, the weary cries of madness,
For yonder breaks the last, inglorious morn.

Fall on your knees,
Oh hear the chanting voiceless.
Oh night devoured,
Oh night when R’lyeh rises again from briney deeps to strike fear in
mortal hearts as pale moonlight washes over its profane geometries once

Damn.  I just can’t make it fit.

For a real, honest-to-the-gods CD and songbook of Lovecraftian carols, check out the HP Lovecraft Historical Society Singers.  I have the CD in question, and it’s my pleasure to tell you they are actually very, very good. (more…)

OK, the film synopses and schedule page are up at the NEVERMORE site.  Tickets go on sale January 5.  Here are the ones I must see:

1) Ong Bak
2) Dead and Breakfast
3) Gory Gory Hallelujah
4) Sky Blue
5) House of Flying Daggers

The other ones I want to see, of course, but those are the ones I have to see.

I endorse another year of Jesus-themed parody horror films.  I like this tradition. (more…)

Lots and lots of holiday visitations in the last week or so. 
People over at our place for Craft Day which turned into Poker
Night.  Then off to Bascha‘s for lasagna and presents and me pumpkinizing on her floor.  I pinch-hit for Katastrophes on that one.  Speaking of Katastrophes & Mr. Pink Eyes,
off we went to their place later in the week for more delicious food
and friends and hanging out and mulled wine and mulled cider. 

Spent Friday doing nothing at work, then Saturday it was the
Asheville-and-back-again circuit to do the gift swap with family. 
My sister’s scandalously Jewish fiancee was there and my parents were
warm and friendly to him and gave him a good present and everyone was
very welcoming.  It turns out he’s whip-smart, hilarious and tons
of fun.  It was awesome.  Even my sixteen year old nephew was
okay to be around, rather than his usual state (that of being a font of
belligerent attitude, the normal state for any sixteen year old, so
perhaps my sister simply sedated him).

The best was yesterday, though, sitting on the couch with a fire going,
working on NEVERMORE pages with Bruce curled up beside me.  If I
was sitting, he was either on me or next to me.  If I was in the
kitchen, he was stalking the linoleum jungle in search of bits of
tracked-in pine straw he could pounce on.  He purred so hard he
wore himself out.  It ruled.

I even went to Target the day after Christmas and managed not to be trampled to death.

My parents got me a bread machine, and I fired that puppy up yesterday
to yummy effect.  I played with some “10 Grain Bread” mix package
thing I bought at Target.  The results were okay but not as sweet
as I like my whole grains.  I also sort of wish I’d used butter
rather than canola oil.  Experimentation must commence.  Alas! (more…)