Friday, December 24th, 2004

When co-workers try too hard, here’s what happens.  I should prep
by saying I have a bumper sticker up in my cube that reads: 
CTHULHU SAVES (in case he gets hungry later):

Co-worker:  So, what do Cthulhites celebrate this time of year?
Me:  …Cthulhites?
Co-worker:  Yeah.  Is it…solstice, equinox, whatever?
Me:  Good question.  There are some chaos magicians
who like to call on Lovecraftian Mythos figures, but I have no idea
what they celebrate in terms of holidays.  I mean, there’s not
exactly a lot to celebrate in the Mythos.
Co-worker:  Well, I don’t want to just assume and say “Merry Christmas.”
Me:  (long pause, followed by realization)  Uh, I don’t actually worship Cthulhu.
Co-worker:  Oh… (clearing of throat, uncomfortable silence)  So what are you?
Me:  I’m probably best-described as a neopagan into something like Wicca without a lot of formal structure.
Co-worker:  So what do you celebrate?
Me:  Winter Solstice.  Yule.
Co-worker:  (big, sincere smile)  Well, Happy Yule!
Me:  And Merry… (wait a minute, he’s an atheist Christmas?
Co-worker:  Sure!  Whatever!

I’m very, very gratified that he thought to ask.  But the Cthulhu thing was, to me anyway, hilarious. (more…)

Must remember to harass Mr. Pink Eyes
about submitting his music to someplace like Magnatunes.  I’m
sitting here grooving to Track 16 on a CD he burned for me and I’m
thinking, as I have thought a hundred times before, “I would pay for
this – it’s better than a lot of music I did pay for.”

Seriously.  Dude. (more…)

Christmas Eve, and we haven’t taken a single call all day.

Actually, we took one – it was a wrong number. 

I’m not exaggerating.

I thought I had scheduled the team such that I would be the only person
here today – an excess of labor even by myself – but three of my
teammates mistakenly thought they were the ones supposed to be
here today.  I ended up stepping out for the morning to do my very
last bit of shopping and then coming back to relieve everyone else of
duty.  I mean, for gods’ sakes, no one is going to call us
today.  No one.  I plan to cut out a few hours early myself.

I’m sitting here with my mp3 player and my favorite current re-read, Book of Lies
– not the Crowley work, but a collection of neo-/techno-/pagan writings
about magic and spirituality in the 21st century.  Very cool
stuff, some of it complete wackjob horse shit and some of it weird-ass
psychedelic ramblings and some of it biography and some of it really
intensely interesting theory on the meaning and experience and
definition of “initiation” and spiritual progress.  One piece is
specifically introduced as being what would happen if Hunter S.
Thompson or George Plimpton had gone the route of shamanism rather than
literary fame.  Crazy good reading. 

Note to self:  look up other work by Phil Hines today.  Also try to find a copy of Breaking Open the Head by Pinchbeck.

I’m also sitting here stewing over the possibility of a 2nd half to Shell Access
I kind of wrapped it up in a hurry when I couldn’t think past the
obstacle of 65,000 words, and now I’m contemplating what happens two
weeks later when Charles manages to get Ernesto up to the moon for a
visit and figures out that there’s still more to learn about the Deus Ex Machina

Damn, damn, damn.  I’m going to do such terrible things to Charles’ worldview.

I should have remembered my notebook – you know, where you write down notes
There’s something about the process of planning and outlining that
requires me to use paper and pencil, preferably somewhere I can eat and
drink copious amounts of diet soda and chain-smoke.

I wonder if Cup a Joe’s on Hillsborough still has a smoking section?  Or if they’re open on Christmas Eve?

Must call and find out.

(One call to Cup a Joe on Hillsborough later…)

Damn. (more…)

Just some links I’m storing here for potential later use: (more…)