Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

Creationism vs. “intelligent design” vs. Darwinian evolution is just
all over the place.  I mean, for fuck’s sake.  Honestly.

To be honest, my response is approaching a very simple one of who cares? 
Crafted by a deity, born out of deities, evolved on its own –
bah!  None of this mewling chicanery will matter one whit when, as
the cold, dead stars slide into their final alignment, the Old Ones
rise again to consume all of humankind with alien, passionless
disregard for partisan boundaries or cosmological beliefs so dusty and
faith-drenched as to make Cthulhu himself seem spry in

The hunger of ancient horror knows not the meaning of Darwinist or
Creationist, and their designs, though intelligent, leave little room
for argument.  The beginning of the world will be left unknown, a
piffle of history unworthy of consideration – much less debate! – by
the howling damned left to contemplate the question, but the world’s ending will be writ in anguished blood.  Truly, on that dark day it’ll all be over but the shouting.

Technically, I guess it’ll be screaming more than shouting, but whatevs.

:  I now plan to sue my school board to include what I call
Destructionism in their science curriculum.  If you hear of the
heretic, limp-wristed, soft-on-secularist Incomprehensible Fate people
trying to sell pure, honest Destructionism as “science,” as though it
were okay to claim the eventual collapse of the universe is less than
imminent, written as it is in the wailing dance of a portentious
astronomy – nay, that it may not happen for billions of years if at all – uh… damn.  Lost my place.  Sorry, I wander a bit when I get my fervor on.  Anyway,
if you see those “scientific” heretics, afraid to confess their own,
lamented role in the rhythmless, tuneless chant which eases the
lifeless slumber of those Older Than Time Itself – or, in some cases,
draws the long-forgotten gaze of those who circle the outer planes and
wait for the time when the gates are opened again and for the final
time – please tell them they’re not welcome back in, uh, church
unless they’re willing to bring the Demonic Eggs this week. 
Seriously.  We’re tired of their backsliding.  And we’re
fresh out of paprika.

We’re set on the blood of virgins and sanity stolen from innocents, though.  It’s that time of the year, after all.

Oh, but yeah – why isn’t this stuff in the schoolbooks?  It’s just
as valid as anything else, and I’m tired of those wishy-washy Jesus
hippies spoiling the minds of our children.  I didn’t grow up
believing we’re all doomed to eternal torture in the mad bowels of
ancient terror just to have some lady with Mall Hair and a New
Testament in her purse ride in on my tax dollars claiming there’s a way
out in the end.  Jackasses.

(Sorry.  Penny Arcade and a post over at apostropher inspired me.) (more…)

A quick NEVERMORE update – the website is starting to come together
for it.  I’ve gotten the film synopses and the schedule and will
be HTMLizing them this week.  In the meantime, the main page is up
with images from the films (image placement will sort itself out as I
get more text up there), sponsor information and links to archives of
previous years.

Quick question to local NEVERMORians:  anybody remember the photos
of film-goers from a couple of years ago?  Specifically, where
they were on the site?

Whee! (more…)

I don’t know what’s up this year, but everywhere I’ve looked and
everything I’ve heard has involved The Krampus.  If you’re
unfamiliar with what they are, ask Mr. Saturday – he’s, er, met one up close and personal.

Now, there’s even a D&D version of it.

CR 13?  That almost seems low. (more…)