Like having a blog wasn’t evidence enough on its own.  Thus, I
love looking at webstats and going, wow!  People! 
Still…why the hell is California suddenly the #1 place for people
coming to this site?  I mean other than the people who ended up
here after searching for “pink camo” at online shopping sites. 

Yes, that has happened.

Anyway, I know, like, four people in California.

Hello, Californians I don’t know (and Californians I do know)!  Very sorry about your governor!  Are you tired of hearing people call him The Governator
yet?  Because I don’t know about y’all, but I was tired of that
the day he announced his candidacy.  Seriously.  Today I
skipped past his most recent film while channel-cruising and watched Love At First Bite instead.  Sorry about that, but I am required by law to watch anything involving vampires.

I would love to see San Fran sometime, though.

Right now I’m listening to Wig In A Box, the Hedwig tribute
album.  I just got done listening to some Pet Shop Boys. 
That would be the sound of your gaydar dials splitting down the middle
while the needles just spin and spin.

[UPDATE, 3:57am EST:  The next song to come up in my big-ass
writing playlist left on “shuffle” was “Grey Gardens” by Rufus “throw
me on the floor and fuck me, I am one hot gay guy with a voice that
could make the icecaps melt” Wainwright.  I shit you not.  If
this doesn’t count as divine approval of the gay lifestyle, nothing
ever will.]

Also, it’s 3:50am and I’ve been writing and drinking coffee for the
last three hours.  My brain is making sparky noises but otherwise,
ain’t much goin’ on up in this mug.  37.5K words and counting.  Whee!

Is it just me, or is it sleepy in here?

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