Thursday, November 18th, 2004

…You find out you haven’t.  Want to target practice at
work?  Hold up, Good Citizen, you needn’t bring that Glock to work
and unload into the filing cabinets.  Instead, why not sign up for
online target practice using real guns and, one day, real animals?

The Internet:  come for the free porn, stay for the a la carte ammo.

Freakin’ A, man.  Freakin’ A. (more…)

Want some happy news today?  It’s been a year since the
Massacheusetts Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples could wed
under the state constitution.  CNN’s story has a fantastic picture of one such couple.

I could talk at length about the 11 states that went in the other direction a couple weeks ago, but Bascha‘s
already done that for me.  In the meantime, there are thousands of
couples in Massacheusetts who are happy and healthy and married. 
The wingers quoted at the end of the article can’t take those smiles
away no matter what they do. (more…)

Hit the 33K word mark last night, after utterly failing to assist Katastrophes and Mr. Pink Eyes
with their TiVo.  “Happy wedding,” I told them, “All your friends
pitched in to give you a tremendous pain in the ass.”  Ah
well.  Didn’t get the updates uploaded, even though I thought I
had, but que sera sera.  I will tonight, when hopefully I will hit
the 37K word mark.

I dreamt last night of strange travels and a house in the country with
an ancient, disused road in its back yard.  The road led away from
the house and something told me walk it to the other end.  There
would be a toll booth along the way, but I’d have to pay in clever
answers to tricky puzzles.  I’m shit at puzzles, so I remember
telling someone, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back before long.”  But
then I got talked into simply visiting the gift shop instead. 

Bascha has up pictures from Vegas, and all I can say is, damn, girl can take some pictures. 

Mr. Pink Eyes has up a link to a CNN article
about the Texas high school that swapped its Opposites Day for Dress
Like Guerrilla Fighters Day because some student’s mom got her knickers
in a knot over the cross-dressing.  She claims it’s an effort to
push a homosexual agenda in the schools.

News flash, girlfriend:

1)  It’s Texas.  There’s no big homosexual agenda.  Puh-leze.
2)  The agenda for the rest of the world actually involves studiously ignoring Texas.  Nyah.
3)  We are actually quite happy to hear bad booger drag is no longer officially sanctioned.

I’ve said this repeatedly since reading the story, but I still mean
it:  I sincerely wish some Texas drag queens would put on their
pumps and get behind this mother’s crusade against bad drag. 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she didn’t feel so alone in her fight?

What’s so sad is that in my deepest, darkest, most stereotype-loving
hind-brain, I am ready without having seen a single picture or read a
single description to assign this mother one of two appearances: 

–the all-out Helmet Hair, complete with a cashmere sweater stolen from
the bottom layer of 1957’s hope chest and a Bible containing


–a blue jeans mama with a wife-beater and a mullet, the perfect stereotype of a diesel dyke anywhere but Texas.

She goes on to say that she thinks cross-dressing for homecoming week is “like experimenting with drugs.”

News Flash Follow-Up:  in every tiny town in the country that has
too many busy-body parents and not enough shit to do, your children are
experimenting with drugs.   Trust us on this one.  Duh.

The sheer idiocy is staggering.  Seriously, has this lady never seen To Wong Foo?  I can’t expect her to have seen the original Priscilla
because despite its resemblance to Texas the Australian outback is
still a foreign place full of funny foreign people and besides, no one
in Texas wants to see Agent Mitzie Elrond in a dress made of
flip-flops, but that shouldn’t excuse this woman from at least knowing
that Patrick Swayze has the ability to teach any tiny town a lesson in
the value of drag queens.  This is Red State America we’re talking
about here, and this lady is shirking her duty to consume the very
entertainment she rails against at Prayer Breakfast every Monday down
at Hardee’s. (more…)