Friday, November 12th, 2004

Today I ran my NaNo through the AutoSummarize function of Microsoft
Word.  Here’s the 20-line version, which I find highly amusing:

The Moon. 
SentrySoft is the big provider of network security up here.     
Fucking great.
Fucking great.
Fucking great.
My microwave launched a network attack against my refrigerator.     
They make all software firewalls for all devices in Diana City.”
My refrigerator has a firewall? 
SentrySoft was a major firewall provider back on Earth.     
“SentrySoft, how can we protect your network today?”
“SentrySoft firewalls don’t engage in that behavior, sir. 
Fucking great.
“Mind if I ask for your number?”     
Fucking fuck’s fuck.
Fucking great.
Yeah, right.


Bruce:  It’s What’s For Dinner
[[image:brucetable.jpg:Bruce Atop a Placemat:center:0]]

(That fine, fine example of late-night, flashless photography is Bruce hogging a placemat at our kitchen table.) (more…)

Tonight I passed the 16,000 word mark – 16,375 to be exact. 

If you hate me for linking to it, it’s all Joey’s fault.  (Thank you for the encouragement, Joey!)

Earlier this week I was sorely disappointed with my word count thus
far, but a little work tonight has me back in the clip of things. 

Katastrophes recently subjected herself to my NaNo from last year.  It is available for your perusal in similar formats, should you wish to feel her pain. (more…)