For the first time ever, I am a volunteer for a political party.

On election day, I’m to show up at my old precinct in Chapel Hill and
be the person who goes and gets folks who need a ride to vote. 
I’ll spend three hours carting people to the polls and home again
around lunchtime, so I expect to be busy.  I picked my old
precinct rather than my current Durham precinct because I don’t know
Durham well enough to find people, but I know there will be folks out
in rural Orange County who need rides and whose roads I know.  The
lady at the Orange County Democratic HQ kept saying, “But you’re
registered in Durham,” and I kept saying, “But I lived in Chapel Hill for twelve years and I’ve lived in Durham for five months.  I won’t be much help to anyone if I get lost
trying to get from their house to the polling site.”  Eventually
it dawned on her that I was trying to help where I could actually be
helpful, and my path was clear.

At 2 that day I’ll get an hour break and then it’s back to the precinct
to be an election observer and general helper from 3pm until the polls
close.  I’m hoping I’ll get to be one of the people with a copy of
the voter’s bill of rights and information for folks who have questions
about casting provisional ballots and such.  Having had to cast
provisional ballots myself on more than one occasion, and being one of
those paranoiac Lawful people who always has questions because I’m
always afraid I’m doing it wrong, it’s going to be good to get to help

I was going to volunteer for TechWatch,
but that’s a pretty full week already without volunteering to go
somewhere to watch touch-screen machines in use, thanks.  Though I
may consider doing that next time… (more…)