Thursday, June 24th, 2004

Robust McManlyPants on Extra Display (newly relocated) (more…)

IANAL, but it sure seems to me like the Supreme Court is trying to make up for last summer – you know, when they handed down landmark decision after landmark decision in favor of a more progressive future?  Hell, they knocked down all the sodomy laws in one fell swoop.  It was a heady time.


Now?  Now they’re sitting on their hands more than anything else.  On the 50th anniversary of the day “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance – and on Flag Day, no less – they declined the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re officially an irreligious nation and they used a technicality as their excuse (there’s actually more to it than that – there would have been big implications from allowing a parent with no legal custody to sue on behalf of a child, and not all of those implications would have been good, but I’m feeling partisan).  Then, today, they said Cheney doesn’t have to give up the goods on his energy task force – again, on a technicality.  They say the lower court ruling that he’d have to show us his cards isn’t proper, but rather than rule definitively one way or the other, they’ve punted it back to the lower courts and said it needs to be considered in light of federal “open government” laws. 


Is it just legal wrangling meant to keep them out of the limelight on this one?  Have they lost their nerve?  Did they see a sudden upswell of leftist excitement given last summer and decide maybe they were being too activist, or are they, instead, making sure that when the courts bring down Bush & Co. they do it in broad daylight for water-tight reasons?


IANAL, but I am a paranoiac.  I’ll be home tonight making fashion statements in tin foil.